Major Roles

The major functions of the Quality Assurance, R&D and Technology Departments are:

  • 1. Bauxite and Alumina process control
    • Control of Bauxite quality w.r.t. Tri-Hydrate Alumina (THA) and Reactive Silica (RSiO2)
    • In Process Control of Alumina production
  • 2. Process Control of Hot Metal Area -The Smelter
    • Control on Bath and metal sampling
    • Measurement of pot parameters like CVD, ACD, bath level, metal level, etc.
    • Process Audit - Hood covering, flames in pot, Anode covering, variations in process parameters etc.
    • Examination and analysis of failed pots
    • Control on pot relining
  • 3. Process Control of Finished Products in Finishing lines
    • Control of Furnace and casting parameters in Cast House and Foundry
    • Inspection and clearance of intermediate / final product
    • Process Audit
  • 4. Quality Assurance Laboratory
    • Quality Control of incoming raw materials
    • Analysis of in-process samples
    • Analysis and gradation of intermediate / final products
  • 5. Research and Development Department
    • Recognised R&D Centre by Department of Scientific and Industrial research, Govt. of India.
    • Involved in process development, process improvement, product development and product improvements.
  • 6. Vendor development for raw materials.
  • 7. Customer complaint handling and resolution of complaints by incorporation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • 8. Customer development for the new products developed and product development as per customer need.