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We believe that our success is due to the commitment, passion and contribution of our employees. This is why we are committed to providing our employees with a supportive, rewarding and safe work environment with a high degree of engagement and empowerment, enabling them to realize their full potential.

At BALCO, we offer employees much more than just a job - we strive to give them a career. They are among the most creative, forward-thinking people in today's business world, coming from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds. We even encourage our employees to move across Group companies to gain a rich and varied experience.


Freedom to Learn & Grow

Employee development is core to our philosophy and we strive to be a great place to work at. Our trainings – both behavioral and technical – ensure that all employees get the opportunity to avail the best-in-class learning. We follow a blended learning model not just in letter, but also in spirit. At BALCO, you will find yourself constantly challenged by learning on the job, and often in new jobs.

Freedom to Innovate & Maximize Potential

At BALCO, we continuously strive towards empowering all our Associates by focusing on developing their competencies and partnering in their potential development. We have unique and well demonstrated track record of providing career opportunities from within by predominately hiring fresher’s and grooming them to take leadership roles. Employees with a performance track record and high potential are identified through a well-structured and transparent development process and are given accelerated growth with specialized technical and general management training, periodic job rotations and leadership guidance.

Freedom to have Enriched Quality of Life

At BALCO, all the new entrants are provided with boarding and lodging at GET Hostel. Post completion of one year, they are gradually shifted to Township Quarters. BALCO, ensures to provide all its Employees with a decent standard of living accompanied by safety and security for all. We have event management committees with cross-functional members who organize a variety of socio-cultural activities. With the active involvement of employees and their families, festivals and celebrations are always looked forward to.

Freedom to be Recognized & Rewarded

At BALCO, every day, individuals and teams do things worth appreciating. Recognition provides us opportunities for the efforts of our people to be acknowledged. Whether it's the day-to-day accomplishments or above-and beyond results, we drive a sustainable culture of recognition where we celebrate individuals and the teams who are at the core of our success.

On the Spot Recognition

Our people are appreciated through simple yet meaningful exchanges ranging from simple thank you to formal rewards.

Long Service Reward

This is awarded to employees to value their long association and celebrate their contribution to the organization. We believe in creating sustainable working relationships and long service awards are a special way to say ‘thank you’ for working with us.

Idea @ BALCO

We look for opportunities for improvements and our people who share suggestions are felicitated for sharing opportunities for improvement.

Achievement Award

To reward and recognize exceptionally high performing individuals who often go beyond their call of duty and deliver extraordinary and exemplary work.

CEO Kitty

Recognition and accolades from the CEO to employees showcasing exemplary achievements in the organization.

Our Core Values


At BALCO, we place utmost importance to engaging ethically and transparently with all our Stakeholders, taking accountability of our actions to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and complying with international policies and procedures.


BALCO, lays consistent emphasis on human rights, respects the principle of free, prior, informed consent, while our engagement with stakeholders give local communities the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.


At BALCO, our people are our most valuable assets. We actively encourage their development and support them in pursuing their goals.


As we continue to grow we are committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity to create a sustainable future in a zero harm environment for our communities.


We embrace a conducive environment for encouraging innovation that leads to a Zero Harm Environment and exemplifying optimal utilization of natural resources, improved efficiencies and recoveries of by-products.


We actively foster a culture of mutual trust in our interactions with our stakeholders and encourage an open dialogue which ensures mutual respect.


At BALCO, our primary focus is delivering value of the highest standard to our stakeholders. We are constantly motivated on improving our costs and our quality of production in each of our businesses through a culture of best practice benchmarking.

Culture at BALCO

We strongly believe that our people are our greatest asset.

BALCO believes in fostering a healthy climate and culture, and our Executives are the sole drivers of our sustainable business strategies, so it becomes imperative to have a healthy, happy and committed workforce which is vital to our business success. We also endeavor to nurture a culture of diversity, innovation, excellence, care and respect. As a matter of principle, we believe that diversity within the workforce greatly enhances our overall capabilities.

Employee policies and practices are administered in a manner that ensures all decisions relating to promotion, compensation and any other form of reward and recognition are based entirely on merit.

We strive to ensure a safe, healthy, clean working environment for our employees, contractors and anyone affected by our activities. We aspire to be the health and safety benchmark for the global Aluminum industry.

Employee Volunteerism

At BALCO, we strive to encourage and enable our employees to make a difference to the lives of many. Employee volunteerism is actively promoted across our organization. Presently we have ‘Project Connect’ running whereby our Employees impart education to needy children in nearby schools.

Health & Wellbeing at BALCO

In 2017, the V-Fitness Initiative was launched pan Vedanta to drive and sustain engagement and energy by enhancing health and well-being of individuals and bringing value in terms of productivity.

Under the umbrella of V-Fitness we undertake a plethora of activities like: Weight loss championships, marathon, and walkathon, race packs etc. keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of our employees. We even have an Expert Club at BALCO which is well equipped with a gym, swimming pool, badminton court, table tennis, snooker and a music club. So BALCO provides enough opportunities for maintaining one’s health and for developing one’s skills in music.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just part of management theory. We thrive in a culture of respect, inclusion and diversity. We recognize that our people give us the competitive edge. Across BALCO, our teams have a healthy mix of not just gender and age, but also culture, ethnicity and a myriad of other such aspects. By bringing individuals, cultures, and ideas together, we create a progressive organization. We learn from those who have different perspectives, and foster an agile and flexible approach to working to expand our horizons.

Our Framework for grooming Leadership Pipeline

Our Leadership Programs are best-in-class in line with our long term vision keeping in view our Vedanta Core Competencies.

On the Job Opportunities

  • • Challenging Assignments
  • • Cross-functional Stints
  • • Leading other Vedanta Group Companies
  • • Embracing companywide change initiatives through dedicated task forces.

Anchoring & Mentoring

  • • Mentoring for all Employees
  • • Anchoring by Senior Leadership for High Potentials
  • • Leadership Behavior Counselling

Class room Training

  • • Executive Development Programs
  • • Management Development Programs
  • • BALCO Learning Centre
  • • Training on Corporate Governance

Come be a part of our growth journey

At BALCO, we seek for aspiring individuals who are staunchly guided by our Core Values displaying Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurship, Care, Innovation, Trust and Excellence in everything they do at all times. If you have the zeal to unleash your potential, BALCO is the right place for you.