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Sustainable Livelihoods

Mor Jal Mor Maati

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy in most of our neighbouring communities. Given the pre-eminence of agriculture for sustainable local livelihoods the Project Mor Jal Mor Maati has started to ensure sustainable livelihood through integrated water and farming system. The project has been focusing on improving the surface water management with existing resources, augmenting irrigation facilities, equipping farmers with the latest farming techniques, and promoting multi-cropping to reduce the dependence on rainfall. It is also bringing farmers into the fold of animal husbandry, horticulture and non-timber forest produce, ensuring income generation round the year. Vedanta Agriculture & Resource Centre (VARC) has also been setup to serve as a one stop solution for farmer’s needs like training and input support. Establishment of 32 VDC (Village Development Committees) and Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) – Korba Krushak Unnayan Producer Company Limited (KKUPCL) has led to institutionalization of agriculture through business model development.

During FY’23, 2400 Farmers benefitted and cumulatively brought 1000 acres of land under secured irrigation in 32 villages. Farmers were supported in different activities like, promotion of modern farming techniques, crop & livelihood diversification, water security and FPO development.

Farmers were capacitated through training programs on modern cropping methods and provided with input support of seeds, manure, fencing, soil testing and periodic technical support in the field. 800 Farmers have been trained in Modern Agricultural practices like (SRI) Systematic Rice Intensification, Trellis & Organic Farming etc. As a result, 70% of farmers adopted modern agriculture techniques like Systematic rice intensification (SRI), Trellis & Organic farming, etc. and helped farmers in getting an increase in production and income, led to reduction in cost of cultivation.

As an innovation in the regional landscape, we supported farmers for climate resilient cropping like Kodo & Ragi (Minor Millets) for low monsoon season and Groundnut, Scented rice, Lac cultivation, cash crops & horticulture to diversify their agricultural practices to generate an additional income. Also, this year our FPO has established its input & output business centers for nearby farmers.

For enhancing Water security, recharge and promoting multiple cropping, 21 water harvesting structures (19 farm & 2 community ponds) and 20 dug wells excavated generating cumulative water storage capacity of 25,000+ CuM. These structures have also contributed to increasing soil moisture content and maintaining groundwater levels, thereby positively impacting the agricultural ecosystem in the region.

The project is currently being run in partnership with Action for Food Production (AFPRO).

Vedanta Skill School

The surging economy of India requires huge manpower to maintain the momentum of growth especially from rural India. Korba region of Chhattisgarh has majority of tribal population with more than 60% of the youth engaged in traditional jobs with unstable income. Looking at the opportunity, BALCO has established three centralized skill schools namely Vedanta Skill School in Korba, Surguja and Kawardha region of Chhattisgarh to impart the residential vocational training free of cost to rural youth and link them with gainful employment opportunities.

Training process has been designed as per the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) guidelines and are being run under the convergence with various government schemes such as (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna) PMKVY, Mukhya Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (MMKVY), National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) and NABARD. The training is provided to youths in 6 different trades- Welder, Fitter, Hospitality, Sewing Machine Operator, Solar PV technician and Electrician.

In FY’23, 1007 youth trained out of which 76% youth placed & self-employed in 18 reputed organizations in 8 states. This testimony of our exemplary performance has invited the trust of many government and private partnerships through various schemes. Out of 28 batches, 15 batches were trained in convergence with government and private partners like MMKVY, NABARD, Skill India Impact Bond (SIIB), Generation India etc.

During the year Korba centre reassessed and received 5-star rating from the Skill Management & Accreditation of Training Centres (SMART) program by NSDC (National Skill Development Co-operation) and SSC (Sector Skill Council) in overall Chhattisgarh.

The project is currently being run in partnership with Social Empowerment & Economic Development Society (SEEDS).