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Women’s Empowerment

Project ‘Unnati’

Women’s empowerment is defined as promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence socio-economic change for themselves and others. Keeping this in mind, Project Unnati was initiated in 2016 with a focus to empower and mobilize women into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and develop their capacities and skills for entrepreneurship. Unnati constitutes of 393 SHGs with membership of 4292 women from 29 villages. Another part of this project is Income Generation Activities (IGA) to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to these women. In furtherance of the same, Mushroom Unit & Textile Production unit have been established engaging 1510 women.

FY’21 – The two units collectively generated annual turnover of INR. 13 Lacs for 138 women. Further, through mushroom units, 751 women have started their own microenterprise of   mushroom cultivation and collectively had an annual turnover of Rs INR. 19 lacs. The overall approach of project is to create an ecosystem for nurturing local micro-enterprises that harnesses local resources and create sustainable livelihoods for these women.

The project is currently being run in partnership with Drishtee Foundation

It is a Women Empowerment project which aims to empower poor, rural women to make use of the choices, opportunities and spaces available in the economic, social and political spheres. The objective is being achieved by assisting these women in creating an effective framework of self-help groups that will enable them to engage in remunerative and sustainable livelihood activities, and empower them economically and socially. Planning is to mobilize these women SHGs and handhold them to grow through various stages, of organizational strengthening and capacity building for co-designing and co-developing local enterprises for creating sustainable livelihoods for themselves. Currently the project engages with 393 SHGs benefitting 4292 women in Korba.