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At BALCO, socio-economic development of communities is paramount and integral part of business. We are impacting lives of about 1.5 Lakh people. Our CSR efforts are directed towards 123 villages, covering –  4 districts of Chhattisgarh viz. Korba, Kawardha, Surguja and Raipur. However, we also have a mandate to extend our support to programs of national importance.

At the heart of our approach to CSR, lies our efforts to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships, connected by a common core value of ‘Trust’ – where stakeholders like government, civil society, business, academia, and of course local communities can come together and be in synergistic action for a sustainable future. We believe that such partnerships are ‘key’ to enhancing value in any developmental effort. Our CSR policies and systems are framed and implemented in a manner to deliver sustainable impact on the ground ensuring governance.


“To empower and support communities specially neighbourhood communities in achieving greater economic and social well-being”.

Thematic Areas


  • Stakeholder


  • Philosophy

BALCO is committed to the principles of sustainable development; protecting human life, health and environment; ensuring social well-being and bringing prosperity to communities. We have a well-established history and commitment to reinvest in the social good of our neighborhood and nation.

We believe, that

  • We can positively impact and contribute to the realization of integrated and inclusive development of the country, in partnership with National Government, and other local, national and international partners;
  • Sustainable development of our businesses is dependent on sustainable, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, especially our neighborhood communities.
  • As a socially responsible entity our programs are aligned to community needs, national priorities and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals


  • Through partnerships with civil society/NGOs, Academic and training institutions, Corporates and community groups
  • In House design and delivery of the project

The preferred route for implementation is partnership approach – with civil society organizations, government and others.


  • BALCO Executive Committee (ExCo) / Management Committee (ManCom), reviews annual CSR plan & budget, including progress of the programs quarterly.
  • BALCO CSR Board Committee meeting, approves annual CSR plan/ budget, ensures that CSR activities being undertaken are as per the Board policy and reviews the progress annually.