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Health, Water & Sanitation


Availing Health Care services has always remained a challenge in the rural area. With this aim Project Arogya, supports the community with interventions in Primary Health Care, Awareness on various seasonal and non- seasonal diseases. Major components of program include,

Rural Health Post (RHP) – Established in 2009, the 5 Rural Health Posts across plant and 3 mine’s location make Primary Health Care services easy to access for people of 117 surrounding villages. Annual footfall in these RHP is between 6000-8000.

The following activities are centred around BALCO’s plant location covering 31 communities

Health Camps – Periodic health camps help to reach out to remotest of areas and cater to the health care needs of the community.

HIV –  As Korba is an industrial hub and migrant workers come here from all parts of the India and many end up engaging in unsafe sexual practices, thus awareness campaign for HIV prevention & testing includes community meetings, canopy camps and mass scale camp on HIV day ensure that the message towards preventing the HIV cases reaches to a wide range of audience especially these high risk groups.

TB – Awareness on TB prevention, testing and medication is done through group meetings in community, awareness generation through IEC material. People are also linked with TB testing and DOTS (Directly Observant Treatment Short Course) centre for treatment of TB.

Maternal & Child Health – Coordination with local health workers such as Mitanins & ANMs, pregnant ladies are linked with pre-natal vaccinations. Institutional deliveries are also promoted along infant care.

FY’21 – 24,000+ beneficiaries through above interventions under Project Arogya.

The project is currently being run in partnership Social Revival group for Rural Urban & Tribal (SROUT)

Menstrual Health Hygiene

Menstrual Health is one health issue about which there is a lot stigmas and dogmas in the community. This project aims to aware and build capacity of women and adolescent girls on hygienic practices during menstruation. Two type of groups have been created in the project to ensure active participation from the community and support in bringing the behavioural change and to ensure the sustainability of the project. Adolescent girls’ groups and G-9 groups involving Local stakeholders, SHG women, local health workers, cleaning staff has been formed and strengthened in 29 villages. Overall, community has been sensitized through group meetings, rally’s, Nukkad Nataks.

FY’21 –  Project reached out to over 24,000 women and adolescent girls. On 28th May, International Menstrual Health & Hygiene day was celebrated through online platform where more than 500 women participated.

The project is currently being run in partnership with Sarthak Jan Vikas Sansthan.

BALCO Medical Centre

Vision:  We envisage a society where everybody lives free from cancer, for life.

Balco Medical Centre is a not-for-profit organization (a company incorporated under section 8 of Companies Act 2013-India). Balco Medical Centre, a 170-bedded tertiary care oncology facility, is the flagship initiative of VMRF. Balco Medical Centre aims to bring ultra-modern, multi-modality diagnostic and therapeutic facilities within easy reach of India’s population at a reasonable and affordable cost. The Hospital is based out of   Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Patients from all geographies visit the hospital. Predominantly patients from CG visit for treatment and next patients from neighboring states of Odisha and MP get treatment.

FY’21- The hospital catered to 15000 beneficiaries